Amateur/Recreational Photographers

We welcome recreational photographers who are taking pictures/videos for personal use only. We encourage you to post your photos on social media and give a shout out to the park! No appointment is necessary, but the photographer must not, in any way, interfere with staff, volunteers, or events.  If complaints are received, we have the right to ask you to leave.


Professional/Commercial/Special Occasion* Photographers/Videographers

Professional/Commercial/Special Occasion Photographers must have this application approved and the fee paid at least two days prior to the photo/video shoot.  The rate for photography/videography is $50 per hour.  We frequently close the park to visitors, especially on weekends, to host weddings or other large private events, so your shoot time must be approved in advance.  If you have rented the park for a wedding or event, no additional fees apply as long as your shoot occurs during your rental time.  All activities (setup, photos, tear-down, etc.) must take place within the time you have allocated and paid.  There must be NO damage to the park plantings or grounds!  We have the right to refuse access to any photographer/videographer whose professional demeanor, in the park’s opinion, would damage the reputation of the park.   Drone use must comply with all federal, state and county laws and regulations.  You must carry this approved contract with you on the day of your shoot.


*Special Occasion Photography includes weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, quinceaneras, senior/graduation/prom photos, holiday, family or any staged or group photos, etc.


Photographer’s Name / Business Name:________________________________________________________


Phone:  _________________________________      Cell Phone: __________________________________

Website:  __________________________________  Email: _________________________________________

Client’s Name: __________________________       

# of Subjects: ____________________________________

Date(s) Requested: _______________________      

Time(s) Requested: _______________________________

# of Hours: _____________________________       

Fee Paid(Cash/Check/Credit Card): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________   

Applicant Signature /Date    

Park Representative Signature of Approval/Date


Please make checks payable to: “Palma Sola Botanical Park” and mail this application form to:

Palma Sola Botanical Park, P. O. Box 14214, Bradenton, FL 34280 or email to  You may also pay by PayPal or Credit/Debit Card on our website.  Call us at 941-761-2866 for more information.